It is with heavy hearts that we share that Poppy is discontinuing its services as of December 4, 2018. You can read more here.

For Caregivers

You’re looking for a flexible way to earn great money while doing what you do best - caring for children.

For Parents

You’re looking for rave-worthy caregivers without having to worry about vetting and managing schedules.

modern village (noun): a community of reliable and trusted individuals that you can call on when you need them.

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Poppy is connecting families to the modern village they deserve

What happened to our villages? The ones filled with people we can trust who can help us on this journey called parenthood.

Poppy uses technology to help parents tackle the hardest parts of childcare:

1) Finding and vetting qualified caregivers

2) Figuring out if they’re a good fit for your family

3) Scheduling them when you need care

With Poppy, all you need to do is request care and let us connect you to the perfect caregiver.

Let’s change the way we village.

Vetting is hard -
we do it for you

Making sure caregivers are qualified and trustworthy is one of most important things we do at Poppy. We’ve gathered the data and built the expertise over thousands of applicants to know exactly what to look for.

All Poppies have completed:

  • In-person interviews
  • 3 glowing childcare references
  • Background checks at the county, state & federal level
  • Valid and up-to-date CPR / First Aid Certification

Meet the Poppies



Poppy Pro


Capitol Hill

Poppy Pro



Poppy Pro


Capitol Hill

Poppy Sitter


Capitol Hill

Poppy Pro


U District

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Poppy Pro


U District

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W Seattle

Poppy Pro

Meet the Poppies

Poppies are a rare breed - experienced in childcare, passionate about working with kids, and committed to being professional.

  • Poppies come from all types of backgrounds - some are Seattle locals, some are recent transplants. Some are students and some are stay-at-home moms.
  • They all come with unique talents and skills that they love to share with the families they work with - whether it’s baking up a storm, crafting up creations or getting sporty.
  • Only 10% of applicants become Poppies -
we are picky and proud of it. And it shows.

How It Works



Tell us when you need care. We’ll take it from there.



Poppy matches based on age of kids, neighborhood and fit.



Share feedback post-booking to favorite your Poppies and improve future matches.

How families use Poppy





Date nights

Date nights



Poppy has the perfect fit for your family’s needs

Poppy Sitter

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Rates start at $17/hr

Poppy Sitter

  • Babysitting experience with multiple families
  • Care for kids ages 2 and up

Poppy Pro

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Rates start at $20/hr

Poppy Pro

  • Diverse & deep childcare experience, often as full time professional nannies
  • Care for kids ages two months and up

Join Poppy to access our village of caregivers

Poppy’s membership of $8/month gives you unlimited access to book caregivers. You can Pause or Cancel anytime from your account. Rates for caregivers start at $17/hr for one child. Infant rates start at $24/hr with a Poppy Pro.

Poppy membership

$ 8 / mo

Poppy Pro rates

Starting $ 20 / hour

Poppy Sitter rates

Starting $ 17 / hour

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get the same Poppy every time?

The magic of Poppy is creating a trusted community of vetted families and caregivers. Your favorite Poppies will always be prioritized for your requests but if they’re not available, you can rest easy knowing you have team of vetted, qualified Poppies who can step in.

Can Poppies drive my kiddos?

We take safety quite seriously here at PoppyHQ and until we’re certain we’re able to tackle all things driving - from car seats to directions, school pick-ups to driving checks, we’re sticking to providing delightful care in the home. But stay tuned. We know it’s important to many families, so it’s important to us.

Can I meet my poppy before?

Yes - some parents do a Facetime call with caregivers before booking them for the first time. Others will schedule a 2-hour “Meet & Greet” booking as a trial before doing a longer booking. We also have community events so that you can meet and get a feel for the Poppies in your neighborhood.

How do I pay the Poppy at the end of the booking?

All Poppy caregivers are paid via credit card - that is set up during the Poppy sign up process. Once your booking is complete you’ll see the amount to be charged based on the actual time worked and you’ll be given the chance to round up or add a bit extra if warranted. That’s it.

I need a Poppy right now! Do you do last minute, emergency care?

Poppy caregivers generally have other jobs and commitments such as school or another job so last minute requests can be hard for them to accommodate. You are always welcome to submit a request and we’re happy to see if someone is available to help.

Sick kids?

No fun for anyone. Poppies pop into many homes in a week, often times with babies, and we want to make sure we’re not spreading the germs. So if your little is ill, but not contagious, reach out and let us know. We’ll ask our Poppies if they’re willing to go and figure out things from there.