At Poppy we believe in the power of the village. As a community we ask our members to uphold the values and guidelines that make it valuable for everyone.

Safety - our first priority for our community members is the health and safety of our families and caregivers. To that end, we do background checks on all of our members (parents and nannies) before allowing them to join.

Respect - the foundation of any effective relationship is trust and respect. To that end, we expect our community members to be respectful in their communication and interactions, whether it is our nannies or our parents and children.

Transparency - we believe that being open and transparent allows us to build stronger relationships. We aim to provide the support and tools that enable clear expectations.

Growth - as parents and as caregivers we all have the ability to improve ourselves through constructive feedback. At Poppy we believe in the power of providing feedback that enables us to grow and be better.